Artificial Intelligence plus human touch back patient care

Whenever a Lowe’s worker who’s considered “high risk” will get identified as having diabetes, a nurse will achieve to offer guidance and support.

The nurse may help the individual determine treatments, payment options and use of care, mixing an individual 
approach with data-driven analysis.

Lowe’s employees are the a million individuals from self-insured employers and health plans who’re customers of Accolade, which will help guide patients with the healthcare system, assisting using the navigation from the healthcare system’s doctors, insurance claims along with other decisions.


Using a mix of real-existence humans along with a digital platform which includes artificial intelligence, Accolade supports customers’ employees in their encounters in healthcare, engaging them and saving clients around 15% in healthcare costs.

Whereas the typical annual rise in healthcare expenses are between 4% and 5%, the typical annual increase for businesses using Accolade is under 1%, stated Mike Hilton, chief product officer for Accolade.

“We think we are bending the price curve,” stated Gregor Teusch, v . p . of total rewards at Lowe’s. “That’s great for employees and that is great for us.”


Founded: 2007

Headquarters: San antonio

Innovation: Accolade computers and humans help employees navigate the healthcare system.

Well-known board people: Edgar Bronfman Junior., former chairman and Chief executive officer of Warner Music, and Dr. Bill Frist, former Senate majority leader

Status: Accolade just hit a million people after nearly doubling its member base in 2017.

Accolade along with other similar companies, for example Health Advocate, use data to help employees. With this information—from pharmacies, biometrics, third-party providers, claims along with other sources over the industry—Accolade can, for instance, identify a few of the employees who can not afford suggested medication. If this finds a problem like this, Accolade will achieve to the worker, as well as in the situation of medicine, help find manufacturer coupons or speak with a service provider about lower-cost options.

But many interactions are initiated by employees, who frequently call with benefits questions, and by doing this create an chance to interact. Once they call, the covered worker will talk to Accolade’s “health assistants,” who exceed answering the precise questions at hands, Hilton stated. “We go being an chance to know what’s happening along with you before it might be a part of your health background inside your claims history,” he stated. “A simple ID card or benefits question typically becomes a more involved engagement.”

Included in that, the assistants might perform a little digging after someone calls by having an issue and discover the individual has, say, trouble being able to access care. “That will trigger a lot of activity great,” Hilton stated, including trying to get the best provider for that worker.

A brand new design

“An easy ID card or benefits question typically becomes a more involved engagement.”
–Mike Hilton, Chief Product Officer

The assistants aren’t doing the study by hand. Rather, they are using Accolade’s platform, including an intelligence engine that mixes a couple of healthcare’s buzziest techniques—artificial intelligence and also the carefully related machine learning—to point these to possible solutions.

“We’re applying many of the same strategies that consumer encounters, like Amazon . com and Netflix, are utilizing,” Hilton stated, noting that because “we’re clearly not about movies and products or services, our smart recommendations tend to be more about what is the next best factor are going to for you personally or provide for yourself for the greatest health outcome.”

The Accolade platform’s artificial and “natural” intelligence—that is, the pc and also the humans—are inside a symbiotic relationship, building off each other peoples strengths. Whereas AI computers can comb through a lot of data, humans, however, can may play a role tied more to feelings. Healthcare is personal, Hilton stated, so you need to have each side from the equation at the office.

It is likewise important, he noted, to resolve problems both small and big. If Accolade’s health assistants help employees understand their benefits, they’ll be more prone to use the service with increased complicated, personal questions. Trust begets more trust. Which, consequently, begets industry-level benefits.

“Our influence is all about making smart decisions and becoming people right care the very first time,” Hilton stated. “If you need to do this very well, explore have only really delighted and healthier consumers, it will save you significant levels of cash on healthcare costs, since you eliminate waste.”

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