Judge: Physician who does not use computer can’t get back license

A Nh judge has denied an 84-year-old doctor’s request to get back her license to rehearse, which she’d surrendered partially over her lack of ability to utilize a computer.

The condition challenged Dr. Anna Konopka’s record-keeping, prescribing practices and medical decisionmaking. It stated her limited computer skills prevent her by using the state’s mandatory electronic drug-monitoring program, which requires prescribers of opioids to join up in order to reduce overdoses.

Konopka surrendered her license in October, but later requested permission to carry on her practice. Nh Public Radio reported Monday that Merrimack Superior Court Judge John Kissinger ruled November. 15 that they unsuccessful to exhibit she was forced to stop her license as she alleged.

Konopka has requested the judge to reconsider his decision on Wednesday. He has not responded yet, so she still cannot begin to see the 20 to 25 patients each week that they used to.

“I am not upset about anything. The legislation is really a game. You progress. They move. It’s filled with methods and various movements,” she stated. “I’m fighting. Therefore as lengthy like me fighting, I’ve some hope.”

Konopka does not possess a computer in her own office and does not understand how to play one. Two file cabinets inside a small waiting room in the 160-year-old clapboard house hold the majority of her patient records. The only real manifestation of technology within the waiting room is really a landline telephone on her behalf desk.

Based on the condition, the allegations against Konopka began having a complaint about her management of a 7-year-old patient with bronchial asthma. She has been charged with departing dosing amounts of one medication to the parents and neglecting to treat the individual with daily inhaled steroids. Konopka, who decided to a board reprimand in May, stated she never injured the individual, and also the boy’s mother disregarded her instructions.

Four more complaints have since been filed against Konopka. The board in September dicated to proceed with a disciplinary hearing on individuals complaints. Before the hearing occured, Konopka agreed in to stop her license—something she stated she was made to do.

Konopka has generated a loyal following in New London, population 4,400, and surrounding towns because she brings an individual touch that’s appealing to patients weary of battling big hospitals and inattentive doctors. She frequently attracts patients who’ve exhaust options, many with complicated conditions, for example chronic discomfort. She also draws patients who’ve no insurance and little way to pay. She takes anybody prepared to pay her $50 in cash—making it hard on her to pay for a nurse, secretary or perhaps a lawyer to deal with her situation, she stated.

Thirty of Konopka’s patients wrote Kissinger wishing to convince him to reconsider his ruling.

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