Lawmakers introduce 340B legislation to step-up program oversight

Congress presently has two rival bills with dueling thoughts about the way the 340B program need to look.

On Thursday, Reps. Ray Bucshon (R-Ind.) and Scott Peters (D-Calif.) released an invoice that will basically rewrite rules for that 340B hospitals in a manner that critics argue would essentially affect the program and exactly how it offers take care of vulnerable patients.

The Bucshon-Peters bill would stop new disproportionate-share hospitals from signing up for 340B and halt registration of recent child sites of these hospitals. Other provisions include new reporting needs for DSH, cancer and children’s hospitals, along with a mandate to create all reported data from all of these hospitals public.

340B-covered entities would also need to report the insurance policy and incomes of the patients, just how much charitable organization care they provide in their child sites, as well as their total reimbursements for 340B-discounted drugs.

Hospitals are cautious about what healthcare lobbyist Peggy Tighe of Forces Law Practice calls a “total re-write from the program masquerading as basic reporting needs.”

Modern Healthcare first reported the outlines from the Bucshon-Peters legislation the 2009 week after acquiring policy documents allegedly sailed through the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of the usa and also the Biotechnology Innovation Organization.

This bill counters another legislative measure by Reps. David McKinley (R-W.Veterans administration.) and Mike Thompson (D-Calif.) that will safeguard this program against $1.6 billion in annual Medicare cuts to 340B hospitals the CMS intends to launch Jan. 1. Hospital groups brought through the American Hospital Association have accused of an injunction from the rule. A federal judge heard arguments around the injunction Thursday and hospitals expect a verdict prior to the finish of the season.

PhRMA President Stephen Ubl immediately issued an announcement supporting the Bucshon-Peters bill on Thursday. He known as it “another important action taken this season to start to deal with the issues within the 340B program.”

“This legislation provides Congress having a much-needed chance to carefully evaluate 340B and ways it may be fixed to the advantage of patients,” Ubl stated.

Susannah Luthi covers health policy and politics in Congress for contemporary Healthcare. Most lately, Luthi covered health reform and also the Affordable Care Act exchanges for Inside Health Policy. She came back to journalism from the stint abroad conveying vanilla in Polynesia. She’s a bachelor’s degree in Classics and journalism from Hillsdale College in Michigan along with a master’s in professional writing in the College of Los Angeles.

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