Online sources readily available for Hurricane Harvey

Healthcare providers and patients seeking info on how to approach the results of Hurricane Harvey can look to easy-accessible, online sources for help.

HHS’ Office of Public Health Emergency provides sources for professionals, in addition to info on the safe utilization of drugs that might have been broken by water or heat. The CMS is coordinating demands for Section 1135 waivers that will allow changes to how Medicare and State medicaid programs can be used in states impacted by an open health emergency. You are able to follow PHE on Twitter using @PHEgov.

The Cdc and Prevention website features a broad spectrum of sources on hurricanes, including guides on preparing clinicians to reply to disasters. The CDC also posts on Twitter and facebook, @CDCemergency.

The Fda provides sources on drug management for providers throughout a disaster.

The Texas Hospital Association is becoming a hub for a lot of provider sources, together with a hospital worker assistance fund a webpage for hospitals to request staff support and sources for healthcare communication professionals. The THA has additionally generate a service center at 512-465-1057 or [email protected].

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