South Shore Hospital, battling to outlive, cuts pay and jobs

South Shore Hospital, inside a bid to remain open within mountain of delinquent bills, is slashing salaries by 10%, lounging off employees and looking concessions from vendors.

“We are inside a you cash crunch,” states Chief executive officer Tim Caveney, who reported the cutbacks.

The 136-bed hospital, a “safety-internet” institution in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood, is losing $180,000 per month, due to the fact a backlog of State medicaid programs reimbursements has nearly bending to $six million since mid-2014. “This is a lot,” he states.

Caveney stated the 105-year-old hospital is not closing, but he acknowledged that “whenever you make a move such as this,” staff can leave, “and that may be a problem.” Internet revenue (what it really collects) is $39 million, he stated.

The across-the-board pay cut exempts only minimum-wage workers—about 12% in excess of 500 employees—and commences in the first of the season, Caveney stated. Another five to 10 workers is going to be let go, on the top from the 50 who unemployment this season, he added.

Caveney is searching for relief the coming year in the manner the condition allocates supplemental public aid payments, which derive from 1997 volume, he stated. “We have to attempt to bridge that,” he stated from the watch for changes, which require General Set up approval.

Within the last 2 decades, South Shore’s State medicaid programs-related billings have elevated substantially, to 60% of revenue, departing it in a disadvantage. “Our reimbursement in the condition is extremely low in contrast to other safety-nets,” Caveney stated.

Throughout the state’s epic two-year budget stalemate, the quantity owed to health insurers, or managed care organizations, contracted to pay for the majority of the state’s State medicaid programs recipients grown to $3 billion.

Refinancing condition debt in September has reduced the figure to $1.15 billion, based on a spokesman for Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza, but Caveney stated the outcome remains elusive for South Shore. “MCOs are extremely proficient at taking time and delaying their claims,” he stated.

Denials elevated 2% this season, he stated, costing a healthcare facility $two million.

Meanwhile, within program beginning Jan. 1 known as HealthChoice Illinois, the condition aims to improve the proportion of three.a million State medicaid programs recipients who’re covered from about 63% to a minimum of 80%. Nevertheless, it wishes to save $1 billion over 4 years with less insurers and reemphasizing maintenance.

South Shore Hospital, battling to outlive, cuts pay and jobs” initially made an appearance in Crain’s Chicago Business.

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