H1N1 influenza outbreak reported in Kumasi City, Ghana

At the end of November, an episode of influenza A H1N1 was reported Kumasi Academy Secondary School in Kumasi City, Ashanti Region in central Ghana. In those days, 13 cases of severe acute respiratory system illness was reported.

AccraMap of Ghana/CIA

The patients presented with fever, cough, headache, joint and the body pains, and abnormal chest auscultation.

Ever since then, the Ghana Secretary of state for Health has reported 77 cases with four deaths (situation fatality rate 5.2%). The most of the cases, 66%, were males and also over 95% from the cases are teenagers. So far, the condition continues to be localized within the school as no cases happen to be reported among community people.

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Kumasi Academy Senior High School is really a mixed sex school with people in this country of three,010 (2,814 students including 541 day students, 127 teaching staff and 73 non-teaching staff).

The influenza A H1N1 virus that caused this year’s pandemic has become a normal human influenza virus circulating seasonally worldwide. However, periodic influenza spreads easily, with rapid transmission in crowded areas including schools.


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