Colombia: Ralstonia pickettii contamination prompts closure of Davita hemodialysis service

The Department of Health of Valle del Cauca temporarily closed the Davita SAS hemodialysis services following an Ralstonia pickettii which has infected scores since December, based on an El Pais report (computer converted).


Based on the investigations transported by the Inspection, Surveillance and Control Number of the Departmental Health Secretariat, on December 11, 2017, Davita SAS detected the existence of the bacteria among people that use the hemodialysis service and until December 20 it had been reported the problem towards the departmental health authority.

“This public health event is serious because there was an episode inside a hemodialysis unit that serves 707 patients, which 131 have signs and symptoms, 62 seem to be contaminated through the Ralstonia Pickettii bacterium and happen to be treated and 14 people are hospitalized in stable conditions “, described the Secretary of Health from the Valley, María Cristina Lesmes.

The analysis hasn’t yet had the ability to determine the origin of microbial contamination.

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Meanwhile, it’s a question of figuring out whether the existence of this bacteria could be associated with the dying of two people that use the hemodialysis service, which happened on December 22, 2017 and The month of january 3 of the year.

Ralstonia pickettii, a non-fermenting Gram-negative bacillus, is considered to be of minor clinical significance however, many cases of infections with this particular organism are reported within the literature. Infections may include bacteremia/septicemia brought on by contaminated solutions.

“Patients who’re undergoing dialysis have decreased their immune system and, therefore, the danger is larger.The contagion creates a generalized infection known as Sepsis,” Lesmes stated.