Legionnaires’ disease: Additional cases associated with Disneyland visits

Inside a follow-on the Legionnaires’ disease outbreak associated with Anaheim, CA and Disneyland, the Oc Healthcare Agency is reporting yet another three cases bringing the entire number to fifteen, based on an OC Register report.


Eleven from the 15 cases involve individuals who visited Disneyland in September including one that labored there. Health officials stated two three new cases involved those who visited Disneyland.

The sufferers were infected between late August and October, officials stated. Two patients have left, though neither of the two visited Disneyland.

The LA Occasions reported a week ago that Disneyland shut lower two cooling towers which were found to possess elevated levels of Legionella bacteria. The towers have been in a backstage area close to the New Orleans Square Stop, each greater than 100 ft from areas available to visitors, based on Disneyland officials.

The county’s Health Officer, Dr. Eric Handler, issued a purchase November. 8 requiring Disney to accept towers from service before the park can ensure that they’re free from contamination.

Jessica Good, a spokeswoman for that Healthcare Agency confirmed, Wednesday, that Disney provided updated test leads to the company showing that there wasn’t any bacteria within the cooling towers following the water inside them was sanitized November. 4.

Inside a statement towards the Occasions, Dr. Pamela Hymel, chief medical officer for Wally Disney Parks and Resorts, stated medical officials had informed them “there is not any known risk connected with this facilities.”


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Legionnaires’ disease cluster reported at NSW retirement community

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The Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) Public Health Unit is reporting three installments of Legionnaires’ disease in residents of Oatlands Garden Retirement Village.

Every case happened in older men. Two were diagnosed on 19 October and also have since been discharged from hospital, and yet another was diagnosed yesterday and it is inside a stable symptom in hospital.


Medical officials are investigating if the cases represent an episode having a common source. Residents, staff and visitors from the village are now being advised to look for signs and symptoms. If people notice signs and symptoms, they ought to see their GP or local hospital emergency department.

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Legionnaires Disease is because a kind of bacteria known as Legionella that is naturally found within the atmosphere, usually in water. It’s contracted when folks inhale a mist or vapor (small tiny droplets water in mid-air) that contains the bacteria.

Many uncovered to Legionnaires don’t get ill, but signs and symptoms could be much like types of pneumonia including cough, difficulty breathing, high fever, muscle aches and headaches which could last between two and fourteen days after exposure. Antibiotics are often prescribed to deal with the signs and symptoms.

The important thing to stopping Legionnaires Disease is upkeep of water systems by which Legionella bacteria grow, including consuming water systems, spas, decorative fountains and cooling towers. Persons at elevated chance of infection, such as the seniors, smokers, people with covered up or compromised natural defenses, might want to avoid high-risk exposures, for example finding yourself in or near a spa.

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Preliminary analysis hasn’t implicated any cooling towers in western Sydney. WSLHD’s Public Health Unit has put control measures in position for other potential causes of Legionella in the Village, and it is ongoing investigations.

Control measures range from the closure and testing of pools, spas and sampling water systems for example sprinklers and warm water systems.


Legionnaires’ disease cluster reported in downtown Flushing, Queens

The Brand New You are able to City Health Department is investigating a residential area cluster of Legionnaires’ disease cases in downtown Flushing, Queens. As many as 12 patients happen to be confirmed with Legionnaires’ disease in the region previously two days.

Legionella pneumophila bacteria/CDCLegionella pneumophila bacteria/CDC

Most sufferers had serious underlying health problems. The patients range in age from early 30s to late 80s. Five persons are hospitalized and recovering, and 7 happen to be discharged in the hospital. No patients have left.

Two more cases are presently being investigated to find out whether or not they are members of this cluster.

The Department is positively investigating these cases and it has taken water samples all cooling tower systems inside the analysis zone to check for Legionella, the bacteria that triggers Legionnaires’ disease.


“The Health Department is presently investigating a cluster of Legionnaires’ disease cases within the downtown Flushing section of Queens, and that i urge individuals in this region with respiratory system signs and symptoms to find medical assistance immediately. People older than 50 and individuals with compromised natural defenses are specifically in danger,Inches said Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett. “As with this previous Legionnaires’ disease investigations, we’re while investigating the origin from the cluster and therefore are dealing with building proprietors in the region to quickly make sure clean cooling towers.”

The Department has alerted medical service providers in the region relating to this cluster. Legionnaires’ disease is really a treatable infection using antibiotics for pneumonia. Each year, you will find between 200 and 400 installments of Legionnaires’ disease within the city.