Japanese encephalitis, the Philippines and the necessity to place the vaccine around the national schedule

Within an interview in the radio show in March 2015, I spoke to pediatric infectious disease specialist and research affiliate professor in the College from the Philippines in Manila, Dr Anna Lena Lopez concerning the bug borne viral disease, Japanese encephalitis (JE).

Besides speaking concerning the ABCs of JE, Dr Lopez also spoken concerning the findings from the study printed in PLOS Neglected Tropical illnesses about Japanese encephalitis within the Philippines, which she would be a lead author.

Additionally, within the study Lopez and her colleagues concluded the necessity to place the JE vaccine around the national vaccination schedule within the Philippines, which she also discussed.


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Japanese encephalitis geography/CDCJapanese encephalitis geography/CDC


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Columbia reports fourth imported cholera situation in the Philippines

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Inside a follow-on a study concerning imported cholera in Columbia, The Korea Cdc and Prevention (KCDC) reported (computer converted) the 4th situation inside a traveler towards the Philippines since Feb.

Public domain image/Dartmouth http://remf.dartmouth.edu/images/bacteriaSEM/source/1.htmlPublic domain image/Dartmouth

The newest situation, a 39-year-old Korean man, traveled to Manila and arrived back at Incheon Worldwide Airport terminal on Wednesday, August 2.

Excrement culture test was transported out in the Incheon airport terminal quarantine station and V. cholerae O1 Hikojima was identified.

He’s now undergoing treatment in a hospital and stays inside a stable condition, the KCDC stated.

The 3 previous imported cholera cases were in travelers to Cebu, Philippines (Feb 20, Feb 24, June 16).

The KCDC advises travelers towards the Philippines to strictly take notice of the rules to prevent infectious illnesses for example proper hands washing and safe eating routine.

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Cholera, caused by  the bacteria Vibrio cholerae, is definitely an acute microbial intestinal disease characterised by sudden onset, profuse watery stools (because of the appearance as grain water stools due to flecks of mucus in water) as a result of very potent enterotoxin.

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The enterotoxin results in a serious lack of fluid and electrolytes within the production of diarrhea. It’s been noted that the untreated patient can lose his bodyweight in fluids in hrs resulting in shock and dying.

The bacteria are acquired through ingestion of contaminated water or food via a number of mechanisms. Water is generally contaminated through the feces of infected individuals. Drinking water can be contaminated in the source, during transport or during storage at home. Food could possibly get contaminated by soiled hands, during preparation or while eating.

Beverages and ice prepared with contaminated water and fruits and vegetables washed with this particular water are other examples. Some outbreaks are associated with raw or undercooked sea food.


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