The Hokeypokey Queen rules at St. John’s Hospital

There’s lots of partying in a single patient’s room at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, Ill. And it is all about the hokeypokey.

Two times daily the nurses at St. John’s congregate in Madison Austin’s room to place their whole selves in, place their whole selves out, then take their whole selves in and shake everything about.

Every year at St. John’s Hospital Friend Service Awards, a healthcare facility Siblings Health System hospital honors employees who’re celebrating milestone wedding anniversaries and names someone of the season. This season that recognition visited 4-year-old Madison, who endeared herself towards the nursing staff by inspiring these to have daily hokeypokey parties in her own room. Employees has dubbed her the Hokeypokey Queen.

Madison includes a birth defect that needs her to consistently make use of a tracheal tube, which leaves her vulnerable to infections that often land her within the hospital, sometimes for any couple of days, but from time to time up to and including month.

She reached be aware of nursing staff well, and they’d frequently find her watching hokeypokey videos on her behalf tablet during bed. So that they made the decision to improve morale and produce it to her bedside. Since that time, several videos from the parties are gone for good on YouTube and gone viral on social networking.

“It had been this fun simple concept that really required off,” stated nurse Natalie Serra. “Madison really endures the positive attention. It boosted morale one of the staff, also it makes everybody happy to get it done.Inch

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